Thomas Cooke Law
Tom has practiced law in Keswick since 1986 - 30 years and counting!  
His practice focuses on three main areas. The first is criminal defence work, where his experience includes 11 years as a Prosecutor for the Government of Canada.  His second area of practice is Wills and Estate Law, where his interest in tax rules and investments serves his clients’ interests well (though he hastens to add that he does not provide investment advice.)  Tom’s third area of practice is Real Estate Law, where his focus is on residential purchases, sales and refinances. 

Tom was born in Geraldton, in Northern Ontario, and spent his formative years in the north.

He went to High School in Timmins, Ontario, where he spent three summers working underground in the mines.  He left the north to attend the University of Toronto, and, while he thought he might return to the north to practice law, he never did! (Tom’s wife may have had something to do with this.)  Tom and his wife have raised three children in Georgina, all of them attending local Public and High schools.
Jordan Armstrong joined Tom in his legal practice in 2016, and has recently obtained her paralegal licence with the Law Society of Upper Canada.
Jordan is active and knowledgeable in all areas of the firm’s practice.  She has a degree in Criminology from Wilfird Laurier University.