Real Estate Law
Tom's pricing on standard real estate transactions is competitive, and he is happy to provide a quotation to you.
He will also be happy to provide information on the other costs involved in real estate dealings -- Land Transfer tax, registration fees, real estate agent's fees, mortgage brokerage fees, appraisal fees, adjustments on closing, and so on. 
Tom and Jordan work together on real estate transactions, and they endeavour to complete those transactions with plenty of communication with the client, so there aren't last minute surprises.
Purchasing, selling or mortgaging a property is a significant event for most people. Tom and Jordan understand this reality, and are happy to discuss any aspect of your deal at any point in the process.  They both bring a wealth of experience to your transaction.
‚ÄčTom has practiced law in Keswick since 1986 - 30 years and counting!