Wills & Estate Law
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Tom will happily provide a quote on the preparation of standard Wills and Powers of Attorney.
Typically (but not always), he prepares Wills in conjunction with Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and Powers of Attorney for Property.  Powers of Attorney allow another person to make decisions for you while you are still alive, while a Will speaks from the date of your death and allows your executor or executors to administer your estate.  To provide complete protection, most people should prepare and execute both forms of Power of Attorney and a Will.

There is a tendency to go through life thinking that death is for others, and to delay proper planning.

But the grim reality (of course) is that we all must face our mortality.  Given this inevitability, our firm feels you have an obligation to your loved ones to leave your affairs in an orderly state, so that the grief of death isn't made worse by a huge financial mess.  Proper planning is critical to ensuring you leave your affairs in good order.  Making an appointment to see us about Wills and Powers of Attorney is a step in the right direction!

Our firm also has considerable experience in administering estates, and will be happy to assist if you find yourself in need of legal advice as an estate executor.